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06 Dec 2012


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Review by Frederick Barton (Cybersecurity Editor)

on 16 Jul 2012

Privacy can be protected in various ways, but you can encounter certain difficulties. Your password may not be too efficient or you may forget to erase the original files. Even if you delete them, advanced users may attempt to recover the original data with special software. With its powerful encryption protocol and various file shredding algorithms, Advanced File Security will make sure that your data will stay secure. It will delete and overwrite the original files right after it encrypts them and you can use the same feature to erase your web browsing history and any other file on your hard drive. It lets you create UBS keys as well, so you can use complex passwords, without needing to remember them.

The software's installation package is almost 8 Mb large. A wizard will take you through a familiar setup process, which does not involve difficult settings. Compatibility will not be an issue if you are using Windows XP, Vista or Win 7 (32 or 64-bit). You will be pleased to know that a Linux-compatible version is available as well.

When launched, the software will display only a toolbar. Its buttons will extend the interface, revealing options for encrypting, decrypting, shredding files and more. You can encrypt and decrypt data on separate menus, which contain similar options. Obviously, you will have to type and retype a password and click a button to start encrypting, but you can make a wide range of settings before starting the process. Advanced File Security can be set to encrypt individual files or place them into a single secure archive.

Portability is another advantage of Advanced File Security. It is possible to install the software on a USB flash drive, by clicking an option on its generals settings panel. In this way, you will be able to decrypt your data when you are on the road. Alternatively, you can encrypt your files and store them as an .exe file which can be decrypted, even if the software is not installed. To avoid forgetting your data, the software lets you create a USB key. This requires selecting a flash drive and typing a new password. It can be as long and complicated as you want, because you will not have to remember it. The password will be saved in a secure file, on your USB drive. Instead of typing a password each time you want to encrypt or decrypt something, you can just plug in your flash drive. It is also possible to create a secure password file in any location on your hard drive.

Once your files are encrypted, the software will delete the originals automatically. It features eight methods of deleting files, from simple, without overwriting, to complex shredding, which overwrites data up to 35 times. You can select one of these methods from a drop menu, before encrypting your data. The application's shredding capabilities can be used for any file on your hard drive. You can target contents from the recycle bin, temporary files, Internet or Office recovery files and more. The options are found on a different menu, which can be accessed by clicking one of the buttons on the toolbar.


Advanced File Security can encrypt single files or entire folders. It will shred the original files automatically, making it impossible to recover them. The shredding feature can be used separately, to erase any files of your choice. The software makes it possible to use USB flash drives to store and use long and complex passwords.


There is no option for selecting different encryption algorithms. Advanced File Security provides a complete and effective solution for protecting your important data. Thanks to its encryption and file shredding capabilities, your information will remain private and secure at all times.

Advanced File Security


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